Summer Events & Opportunities

Have a desire to volunteer some time to your community this summer but haven’t a clue how to find the opportunity just right for your abilities and fits into your time constraints? Here’s a website to help you find your match.

The Volunteer Opportunity MAIN LIST provides a comprehensive directory, growing by the day, of organizations, groups, individuals who would mightily appreciate a few hours of your time. Vineyards, gardens, local elders, food bank, libraries, hospice care, musical events…a myriad of possibilities, places where just a few hours of your time a week or a month could make a world of difference.

This summer offers a variety of opportunities to mix service and fun, whether it be Gloriana Musical Theatre’s production of Chicago, helping Project Sanctuary with this PS We Love You project or lending a hand the Mendocino Children’s Fund School Swap, hang out with your neighbors and enjoy the event, for free! How often has your budget prohibited you from attending Art In The Gardens, Gala Wine Festival or the Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference, not to mention always A Great Day In Elk and Round Valley Blackberry Festival? All those events need volunteers. Check out the many events for July and August, for which you can volunteer your time and get in free, on this website under EVENTS NEEDING VOLUNTEERS.

Here are some highlights of organizations needing your help. Go to the MAIN LIST on this website to see ALL the opportunities that could really use your volunteer time this summer and all year round, with links connecting you to volunteer forms and contact people:

The Fort Bragg Food Bank needs volunteers Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 8am—4:30pm. Their scheduling is flexible and the environment lively and friendly. Call 707-964-9404 or email fortbraggfoodbank@mcn.org

Want to get your hands in some luscious rich dirt and smell the roses? The Fort Bragg Garden Club has projects all over the coast and events with which they’d love your green thumb. Contact President Kathy Holmes at 964-0317.

Want to see a fascinating little place and learn a lot of local lore? Little River Museum needs people to open and greet guests on Saturdays or Sundays, 11am – 4pm in July, August and September. Email ronnie@mcn.org or call 707-937-2014.

Another way to work outside and gaze at the calm, soothing countryside, catching glimpses of the ocean, is to volunteer for the Westport Ten Mile Cemetery District maintaining the grounds of the Westport, Inglenook and Newport Cemeteries. Call Gary Quinton 707-357-1040.

Two invaluable local services—Project Sanctuary and the Redwood Coast Senior Center—can always use your talents and time. Train for the Crisis Line or help out with events or office tasks by calling Project Sanctuary 462-9196.

Work with the seniors or in the garden or office, the Senior Center has a volunteer job that would fit your hours and skills. Just give the volunteer coordinator a call 961-4307 or the Senior Center 964-0443.

If you’d like to add a volunteer opportunity to the Main List or correct the information on an existing item (typos abound when massive data entry ensues) click on the OPPORTUNITY INFO tab and you’ll find a form to fill in all your data on your opportunity. Then just click SUBMIT.

Likewise, if you’ve an event to add to the event page go to NEW EVENT FORM to add your data. If you’d like to be notified about opportunities that suit your particular talent or taste, fill in the form under VOLUNTEER INFO.

So….should you prefer every week or a couple of hours a month or work at an event to enjoy it for free, check out the website’s MAIN LIST as new information is added almost daily. The event page is slowly being populated as I discover new occasions for which you can volunteer your time.

You know, lending your skills and time to a local group doesn’t just help that group it also puts you in contact with a lot of new people; you just might find some wonderful new friends. Give volunteering a try, you just may like it.

Lynne Calder
Volunteer Opportunity Site: https://volopp.org/
Contact: girltech@mcn.org

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